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2021-22 Montana Bison Hunt

The following information pertains to the 2021-22 Montana Bison hunt and contains all the information needed to successfully sign up for the bison hunt drawing to be held Monday November 22, 2021. This year’s hunt season will begin on Monday December 6, 2021 and run through Saturday February 26, 2022. Eligible Yakama Tribal members can sign up for either the West Yellowstone or Gardiner hunt areas. Hunts in West Yellowstone will be 2 weeks long with two teams hunting in each 2 week period. Hunts in the Gardiner area will be 1 week long and have only 1 team per week. Yakama members who receive a bison permit must be accompanied by at least one other enrolled individual (aged 16 or older) with a maximum of 4 other team members on the permit. All hunt team members will have to participate in a bison hunt orientation to be eligible (see below for more details on orientations). Each hunter on the permit is authorized to harvest 2 bison each. All hunters who receive a permit will be given a complete set of regulations and rules.

Lead hunters will need to fill out a bison hunt request form which are available at our office or click the link below to print one from this page. These forms should be filled out completely and returned to the YN Wildlife office no later then Monday November 15, 2021. Please read through these forms completely. Forms that are missing information cannot be processed. Hunters are only eligible for one hunting permit and therefore multiple request forms should not contain information for the same individual. All hunters are encouraged to coordinate responsibly with their teams however all hunters can call in to make sure their information is correct and on the desired request form.

2021-22 Covid-19 Safety guidelines
2021-22 Bison Hunting Regulation
2021-22 Bison Hunt Request Form
2021-22 Hunt Orientation

On-line orientation will be used again this year. ALL HUNTERS MUST VIEW the bison hunt orientation to be eligible to receive or be listed on a bison permit as a team member. To view the on-line orientation, each hunter must log in his/her name with his/her enrollment number. These will be received in the Wildlife department for verification that each hunt member has viewed the orientation. These will also be due into the office by Monday November 15, 2021 to complete your Bison Hunt Request form.