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Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Wildlife, Range & Vegetation Resources Management Program



Our Nuisance Animal Management Program offers assistance with animal problems in the lower valley of the Yakama Reservation(White Swan, Wapato, Toppenish). Our Nuisance Animal Control Technician, Don Harbaugh, can be reached at (509) 949-2348 for help with the following species.


Bears often cause problems when becoming habituated to places where people live. Conflicts often occur when bears find food in the form of poorly maintained trash dumpsters. Problem bears can be trapped and released away from human development. Most of the time bears and humans can live harmoniously.

For information on bears and tips on avoiding conflicts, click here pdf version


Cougars can be found near human establishments, especially during droughts. Bobcat prints and scat are often mistaken for cougar.  If you suspect you have seen a cougar in the lower valley of the Yakama Reservation, please contact Don (see above).


Beavers are an important component of healthy watersheds, heavily influencing the morphology and function of wetlands. Beaver dams and other structures improve water quality and provide refuge for juvenile fish. Still, they can create undesirable conditions when present near human development, such as irrigation canals and road systems. Manipulation of dams and culverts can help make it possible for coexistence to occur, but when removal of beaver is unavoidable, our program does offer trapping services on tribal land. These services are currently available for tribal and non-tribal public. Currently, our program is seeking funds to utilize these important tools (beaver) by relocating them at higher elevations where they are needed.

To report a beaver problem, please contact Don (see above).

For more information on our beaver relocation efforts, please contact Mark Nuetzmann at (509) 865-5121, x6333.

For more information on co-existing with Beaver, check out the following links: