Yakama Nation Wildlife Images
Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Wildlife, Range & Vegetation Resources Management Program



To decrease spam, we do not list full e-mail addresses. Add yakama.com to the following addresses. All staff can be reached by calling (509) 865-5121, and using the following extensions. Thank you.


Laurel James, Wildlife Program Manager, x6301 E-mail: laurel_james@

Image may contain: Laurel Ta Waat James-Teeias, smiling           

Steven Borrego, Big Game Research Biologist, x6325 E-mail: steven_borrego@


Jill Blodgett, Realty Specialist, x6316             

David Blodgett III, Game Bird Biologist, x6332 email: dblodgettiii@


Sandra Celestine, Special Projects Coordinator, x6307 E-mail: sandrac@

  Sandra Celestine               

Thomas Elliott III, Wetlands Project Coordinator, x6322 E-mail: tnelliot@

  Thomas Elliott III                         

Yvette Marquez, Vegetation Biologist I, x6309

Yvette Marquez

Kristi Olney, Vegetation Biologist, x6309

Image may contain: Kristi Olney, tree, outdoor and nature

Whitney Matthes, Restoration Ecologist, x6376

Mark Nuetzmann, Forest Biologist, x6333 E-mail: mnuetzmann@

  Mark Nuetzmann             

Trisha Piel, Bookkeeper IV, x6321 E-mail: tpiel@

  Trisha Piel                            

Tashina Weaver, Office Assistant V, x6325 E-mail: tashina_weaver@


Rennae Bill, Property and Fleet, x6324 E-mail: rennae_bill@


Teresa Nasayau, Bookkeeper IV, x6328



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