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Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Wildlife, Range & Vegetation Resources Management Program

The Wildlife Viewing Program


The new Wildlife Viewing Program expands wildlife-based recreation and environmental education opportunitiesĀ on our valley floodplain wildlife properties so that Yakamas and non-tribal members alike can enjoy watching theĀ birds and other wildlife that are drawn to these habitats.

Each year from spring until the end of summer we will have some of our largest wildlife properties open 1-2 days per week for wildlife viewing.

Initiation of this program was made possible by a USDA-NRCS Voluntary Public Access/Habitat Improvement Project grant, but fees are necessary to continue the program.

Yakama Nation Wildlife Viewing Permits will be required for non-tribal members to utilize these areas, with the fees and permits sales (see Permits and Fees below) going toward maintaining the trails, signs, blinds, and wildlife viewing platform that will contribute to enjoying your visit.


Permits and Fees


Maps and Hours